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date. 2021

city. Washington, DC

size. 20" x 30"

medium. mixed media painting

Boy in woods at night under moon, holding a jar with Mandarin chinese symbols floating and trees

Our feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to express. Sometimes we feel like we are being controlled, like a puppet. We search and turn to different outlets, seeking an "escape".  This new mixed media painting represents these feelings.


The boy escapes into the woods alone at night, releasing 'fireflies', which are his feelings in Mandarin characters. Inside the boy is a marionette, invented by Hazelle H. Rollins (Patent No. 2,788,609). A fire escape is in the trees, invented by Anna Connelly (Patent No. 368,816). A deliberate triangle is formed between the moon, the boy, and the jar – representing an ascension to the spiritual world. 

In honor of the great inventors:


“Fire Escape”, Patent No. 368,816. Patented August 23, 1887


Inventor: Anna Connelly A fire escape is a literal means for people to escape. The fire escape was invented by Anna Connelly, one of America’s first female inventors, patented in 1887 – she invented this at a time when women were not allowed to vote or work outside the home. Anna Connelly, of Philadelphia, PA, is directly responsible for saving the lives of thousands.


“Marionette Construction”, Patent No 2,788,609. Patented April 16, 1957


Inventor: Hazelle H. Rollins In 1929, Hazelle Rollins was approached by a neighbor’s young son, who received a marionette as a gift from Italy, the young boy asked Rollins if she would make him another marionette, so Rollins, an art student at the time, did. Rollins instantly fell in love with the objects and soon found herself creating lots of puppets. She began experimenting with design, making their jaws and limbs movable. She was awarded four patents for her innovations.

"Escape" showcased at Mosaic in Fairfax, VA 

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